Church in the Pines

A Note from Pastor Joel


I want to welcome you to the internet presence of Church in the Pines of West Wareham, Massachusetts. Yes, our church is tucked among the pines, and our new 20 acre property is even more beautiful and full of tall pines, but pine trees is not all we are about here. We are a church that believes that God has spoken to us in the Bible and in particular in His Son, Jesus Christ. We gather around the Word each Sunday to learn but with a goal to be spiritually transformed and further to be formed by Christ day by day. We really believe that each person’s life begins with putting one’s trust in Jesus and becoming a New Creation. And then the adventure of transformation and formation through Christ begins!

We do work hard to make our church a safe place to hear the message of Christ. We work hard that people who have become followers of Christ will also have a safe place to grow in Christ. That growth develops through relationships built in Small Groups whether they be Sunday Bible Classes, Bible Studies during the week, or the more community based groups. The Holy Spirit uses the Word, others, and our life experiences to become all that God intends for us to become within those relationships. So numbers of people have found Church in the Pines to be a place of healing, a place of growing, and a place of serving. We desire Church in the Pines to be a place where God’s grace is lived out and a place where people are accepted for who they are and what they can become in Christ. Church in the Pines is a spiritual home.

We are excited about the future!

Come visit some Sunday, give us a call for more information, or send an email.

Pastor Joel


A note about our website…

This website is always a “work in progress.” Some pages will stay the same while others will be added to and sometimes removed. Please send your suggestions through the website Contact Us section.

You will notice that our new site allows for donations. We have chosen PayPal as the secure medium for this purpose. PayPal not only is favorable to non-profits but they also have demonstrated the kind of secure transaction we favor for our givers. In addition, we appreciate that with PayPal you have a choice to draw your funds from your bank account in addition to a credit card.

Come and Visit!

Our services are at our Church, 17 Carver Road, West Wareham. The 1st Service is at 8:30 am. Bible School is at 10:00 am. The 2nd service is at 11:15 am. The services are both simulcast from the Sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall. Junior Church and a Nursery are available for each service.

17 Carver Road
West Wareham, MA 02576

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