Church in the Pines


  • When and where are your 2 Sunday services?

    • The 1st service is at 9:00 am at the Flagship Theater, 39 Doty Street, West Wareham.
    • The 2nd service is at 11:00 am at the church, 17 Carver Road, West Wareham.


  • What should I expect when I come to a Church in the Pines service?

    • When you arrive at the Flagship Cinema for the 9:00 am service and park you will be greeted at the front doors of the theater by some one who can answer any questions you may have. A second greeter down by the theaters will hand you a program and point you in the direction of the theater in which we meet. If you have little ones the greeters can also point out the theater where there is a nursery. (A sign also marks the nursery theater.) Pick any seat you would like in the theater where we worship. Just before the message the kids in kindergarten through 5th grade may leave and go to another theater for “Junior Church,” a program geared for them. (Kids can also certainly stay with parents for the message.) Dress is casual for this service and feel free to bring your coffee with you.  The service lasts about 75-85 minutes.
    • When you arrive at the church for the 11:00 am service you can enter by the front doors or the downstairs side doors. The service is upstairs in the main auditorium. There is a nursery downstairs and from September to June there is also a Bible School program for all ages including teens and adults. A coffee time preceeds the service. Dress is casual. The service lasts about 65 minutes.

  •  What kind of church is Church in the Pines?

    • Church in the Pines is a Bible-Centered church which means we base our teaching and lives on the Bible. The messages each week are from the Scriptures with practical application to our lives. We are an evangelical church and so we encourage people to depend on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • CIP is also a non-denominational church and we are an independent local church with people from many different backgrounds.


  • Why do you have two services?

    • The 9:00 am service, at the Flagship Cinema, has a couple different praise bands that alternate. Sciptures and song lyrics are projected on the theater screen. We sometimes also use videos and other worship formats.
    • The 11:00 am service, at the church, is more traditional and uses organ and piano and hymns from hymnbooks.
    • The message is the same in both services.


  • Why do you meet in a movie theater?

    • A number of years ago we ran out of room in our church, which seats 90, and we were considering three services. The Flagship Cinema had just opened and since it was about 2 minutes from our church and had nothing going on Sunday morning, they were happy to accomodate us for an early sevice. So, basically, we did it because it was available and met a need.
    • And now we do praise God that He has been answering our prayers and we have purchased a beautiful 20 acre property for a new church!


  • Why is the church called Church in the Pines?

    • This was it’s nickname for many years until we officially changed the name to Church in the Pines some twenty years ago. The church is among the pines of West Wareham in a quite beautiful setting.
    • Our new property is also full of pine trees!


  • Can anyone attend the church?

    • Yes, anyone can attend. You are welcome here!
    • Numbers of people have found Church in the Pines to be a place of healing and rest.

Come and Visit!

We have two services on Sunday mornings. A contemporary service at 9:00 am at the Flagship Cinema at 39 Doty Street in West Wareham and a traditional service at 11:00 am at our church at 17 Carver Road in West Wareham.

17 Carver Road
West Wareham, MA 02576

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