Church in the Pines

Hearing the Word and other books too

If you have noticed on our Resource Link’s page there is a Bible Look Up feature over on the right. This allows you to quickly look up a verse or a topic from the ESV Bible. On some of the Resource Link Link Bible Study pages you can also listen to the Word. By clicking an audio icon you will hear the Word clearly spoken to you. You can actually do the same on our Sermon Browser page on our website. There you can listen to the passage from each week’s sermon. Listening is very helpful to reinforce reading. The more senses we use the more we can absorb. Now living it out is another matter and for that we need the enablement of the Holy Spirit!

There is also a wonderful resource on the internet called Christian Audio that offers Christian books in numbers of different audio formats at low-cost. This is a great way to spend time in the car, either for your own personal growth or to listen to a children’s book with your kids in the car as you travel. Christian Audio has specials quite often and best of all they offer a FREE Christian audio book every month. I have been using this site for years and I really appreciate it. Some of the free books have included older Christian classics and newly published books as well. Check out Christian Audio for all the details.

Read the Word, Hear the Word, Live the Word!

Come and Visit!

Our services are at our Church, 17 Carver Road, West Wareham. The 1st Service is at 8:30 am. Bible School is at 10:00 am. The 2nd service is at 11:15 am. The services are both simulcast from the Sanctuary to the Fellowship Hall. Junior Church and a Nursery are available for each service.

17 Carver Road
West Wareham, MA 02576

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